Calling Women Who Want More


You are always the first to raise your hand for new projects and additional responsibility. But someone else always seems to get the credit for your wins.
You have so many ideas, plans, and thoughts about improving the system. If only your boss would listen, and your peers would stop talking over you.
You have thought about applying for Board positions, but you know it's "not what you know, but who you know". So where do you start? 

The gap between your career expectations and your reality seems to keep growing wider.

You didn't expect your career or your life to look like this, but is this all there is


The Next Emerge Program starts 19 Sept 2022

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The Three Secret Keys to Success

Whether you are looking to climb the corporate ladder, get a Board or committee position, or stand out in an overcrowded market, there are three keys to success.

These three secret keys are the ones we have used to create our own success stories AND to help women, just like you, to break through glass ceilings and achieve more than they imagined was possible.

$30,000 payrise

Board positions

Six figure client contracts


Those are the tangible markers of our clients' successes, but what really matters is they are finally:

fulfilled, empowered, recognised, respected, confident.

And we want that for you too.


The Three Secret Keys


In our own experience, and through coaching and mentoring other successful women, we have found that one of the things women don't do well is to articulate their VALUE. We hold back, not putting ourselves forward for opportunities until we feel 110% qualified. When asked to describe our leadership style in interviews or for applications, we often struggle. You are not alone. Using Ros' science based Women's Leader Archetypes model and assessment, you will discover the true articulation of your value as a powerful female leader.


It is sadly not enough to let your work speak for itself. To be a successful female leader in a man's world, to be seen and noticed, to be in the running for the big opportunities, you need VISIBILITY and influence. You need to be front of mind when those jobs and board positions become vacant, or when that business opportunity comes around. The only way to be the one that everyone thinks of, is to have a strategic profile, and be highly influential.


We are calling it! Traditional networking is dead! Gone are the days when you could show up to drinks occasionally, drop a few business cards, and then sit back and wait for the phone to ring. Business success in the modern world needs real and genuine CONNECTIONS. Its ironic that we are more connected than ever, but it is becoming more and more superficial. As the world becomes overwhelmed with the quantity of connections, quality is now the real key.

Women of Substance - Emerge

The Women of Substance - Emerge program is for ambitious women who "want what she's having". Over 8 weeks online, and a "Success Summit" we will work together as a group of committed women leaders to create the influence you want and DESERVE.

Emerge Stories


Here’s what’s included with Your Emerge Program

6 weeks of online learning

8 x weekly group coaching calls

One on one laser coaching as required

2 implementation weeks

Success Summit (delivered over 4x half day Zoom sessions)

A guest faculty of high powered women business leaders

Ongoing membership of our Alumni with regular events and networking

In order to give you a deeply personal learning experience, the Emerge program is limited to 12 participants in each intake.

YES! I'm Ready

Blended learning using the best technology

Watch each week's learning videos and do the activities at your own pace. Then log into Zoom every Friday for our group coaching call. Need more support? Book a one on one Zoom call with our facilitators as required. 

On the go? Download the app to listen or watch from your phone or tablet.

Yes! I'm ready!

Weekly Themes

Each week consists of a self-paced online learning module with actions, AND a live group coaching call via Zoom. Plus you can book in for 30 minutes of laser coaching at any time with either of the facilitators.

Module 1

Understanding Self through the lens of the Women's Leader Archetypes Model and Assessment. 

It's simply time to stop operating under a system that was built for men and start to lead using our true strengths as women.

Module 2

Establishing Your Value. 

Understand what boards and recruiters for senior positions are really looking for. Establish your personal "why" for your future role. Discuss the challenges and expectations and get ready to meet them head on.

Module 3

Your Brand Presence.

Building your personal brand to set you up for success. You will review your CV, evaluate your social media presence and digital footprint, and create your "brand tag line".

Module 4

Strategic Brand Management.

Raising your profile through multi-media. Don't wine and tweet (trust us, nothing good comes from mixing social media and alcohol) - situational awareness and what NOT to do to enhance your brand.


Module 5

Creating Your Strategic Network.

You will create your network map, and build your actions for taking it to a truly strategic level. We will explore Political Intelligence, and learn how to be truly influential.

Module 6

Making Valuable Connections.

In this module we explore how to create authentic connections with two-way value add. Your powerful Inner Circle is the secret sauce that will land you that contract you deserve.

Two Weeks Implementation Time

We get it. You are super busy, and implementation takes time and focus. We have built in two weeks of time (weeks 4 and 8) to ensure you have a bit of breathing space to implement. The weekly group coaching calls will continue during implementation weeks, to keep you fully supported.


The Success Summit

The Emerge Program concludes with a four x half-days Success Summit on Zoom. This Summit is packed with practical content, discussion, "hot seat" coaching, and more!

Hear From Guest Experts

Hear the stories of experts who have "been there and done that" as they share their golden nuggets of wisdom and practical advice.

Step Into The Hot Seat

Volunteer for live coaching in session, with Ros or Susan (or even our guest experts)

Hands On Practical Workshops

We will guide you step by step through your action plan, to make sure you are set up for success.

Your Personalised Blueprint

Receive your bespoke Women's Leader Archetypes Blueprint, created from your Archetypes Assessment.

"It has been a very enriching journey of self-reflection, personal and professional growth. I have had the opportunity to listen and talk to some very incredible women throughout this program and have had many take-away/light bulb moments which will support my growth and development. This course has supported me to step back and look at the bigger picture and I’m excited at the possibilities. I simply just want to say thank you I have truly valued this experience. "

Anita Leighton
Service Area Manager, Baptcare

"The Emerge Program gave me a boost in confidence when I needed it most. To make bold decisions, to trust in my judgement and to question and assess my natural management styles and how it could shape my personal brand. There was great vulnerability in the group as we got to know each other better, ask questions of ourselves and share parts of us that we’d like to improve. The group gave me a real sense of camaraderie when I felt quite isolated as a manager within my own organisation. The friendships created and the guidance received will stay with me for a very long time. A great program for those who are just starting out in professional roles, or those who are experienced and would like to re-connect with themselves and what drives and motivates them to succeed. Thank you Susan and Ros!"

Verity Davis
Social Enterprise Manager, Hobart City Mission

"A brilliant program...emergence is exactly the outcome I've experienced. Congratulations on a fantastic offering and being part of it has changed my world."

Jess Tyler

"I’ve met Ros previously, and looked at engaging her for some coaching, which was also one of the reasons I enrolled in Emerge, because I thought it enabled me to get that coaching, but in a group environment, but then also I know Susan’s background and I thought that would be a good addition to it. The quality and the content and the two skillsets really complemented and brought different aspects to it. Ros’s coaching experience really came through, and Susan’s work and life experiences were there as well – it created balance I think. We had COVID, a new job, I moved house… it made me focus on me at a time where it would have been easy not to. I think it did give me back some confidence within me, from a personal and a work perspective. It also made me assess my priorities… I just thought, at the moment I just need to stay on a certain course and on that track and see it through. And the other things are actually distractions at the moment. So there was lots of that, where it kept pulling me back to where I am right now and sticking with it. I thought that bringing in the different personalities and experiences of the guest speakers made it a much more dynamic experience, and made it feel more connected. I would recommend the program, yes! This is for people who are midway through their career - management roles or higher. Getting that confidence and connections around ‘Where to from here?’ – transitioning into the next step of your career. I went in with no expectations and came out having thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a lot in it. "

Anita Dahlenburg
SME Business Enabler

"Ros and Susan, I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to participate in Emerge. I am grateful for the experience and have noticed an increased sense of purpose and confidence since engaging in the content and discussions that made up the Emerge program. I definitely experienced a deep sense of identity fraud in the past and it is rare these days to have the feeling emerge. I still have much to learn and even more to implement based on what you both shared (and the guest speakers and other participants too) but I rest easier knowing that I now have more tools at my grasp – and more stories of other women and their experiences to draw on. I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge you both. I admire your energy, passion, wisdom and commitment to the growth of other women. THANK YOU. "

Kate Cross
Service Co-ordinator

"I just wanted to thank you both so much for this amazing opportunity to engage with Emerge. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me both professionally and personally, and it really has given me the time and skills to reflect on what I want and where I want to head, to re-visit my values and how I want to have these at the front of my planning and action again, and most importantly the need for far better work life balance. The way Emerge is structured gave the flexibility for me to make changes along the way, but also provides the frameworks for longer term goals that may take more time to come to fruition, so I am pleased that I will be able to go back and re-visit the online modules to guide that further at relevant points in time. Also a huge thank you for the amazing books you have kindly given us and the guest speakers were so inspiring. It has been so great to have been able to connect with other inspiring women who have been at the same points of evaluation and action in their leadership trajectories too. Mostly thank you both for your support and generosity in sharing your personal and professional wisdom and experience and allowing everyone to participate without judgement - that was critical to being able to be genuinely open and authentic with both the group and ourselves, to get the most out of the course! It was really apparent that you both had supporting women as a collective at the centre of your focus so it was clear to see your purpose and values in action all the way through! I’m looking forward to staying in touch with the Alumni. Thank you again for the opportunity to engage with Emerge to support women in leadership! "

Nicky Osborne
Life Without Barriers

"I love to help people, so [I am] more than happy to offer my assistance but it was starting to take a toll, and I was like ‘I need to learn how to set boundaries, and how to live to my values’, so that’s what initially attracted me to the Emerge program. I have found since completing the program that now when I’m looking at work, I’m looking at it from ‘What can I add?’ And if I’m no longer adding value, then does this still serve me? I found the program full of surprises actually. It starts off as 12 strangers who you’ve never met before, and the camaraderie we had, and the support for each other, we all go through highs and lows, and I got a real surprise at how supportive the environment was. My second surprise was on my values. I always thought I knew my values inside out, and when I did the program and took that deep dive, I’m like ‘hang on, I’ve got it wrong!’ yes, that’s important to me, but it’s actually not a core value, and I’ve been trying to live to something I’m not. That was an ‘a-ha moment’. I really enjoyed the guest speakers. At the end of the day they’re ordinary women, just like us. They‘ve done amazing things - it’s mind blowing, some of the things some of them have done. I was shocked by how freely they gave the highs and lows, the challenges they’ve experienced. It just made it a lot more real, a lot more authentic. It kind of then makes you want to strive yourself to be better and to aim high and see where it takes you. I’d definitely recommend the program to others. I read a quote the other day: ‘No one is you and that’s your superpower’. And for me that really wraps up what Emerge is. It’s about being your authentic self. From there, you’re more confident, you’re more powerful, you just grow exponentially to wherever you want. It just feels like the air’s a lot lighter, for want of a better term. So I really like that quote. I feel that for women who are looking to grow and develop and are not sure, it’s an excellent program. But you have to be willing to look into yourself. "

Jodie Smith
Jodie Smith Accounting

"I signed up for Emerge because I was joining this brand-new world and I recognised that I needed to take it right back to basics and see what skills I had that I could transfer. Having such a diverse range of people in the group with all the different skills that are they brought to the collective group, that's what has been refreshing for me is just to meet people outside of the world I’ve been in for such a long time. The topics that we've gone through and keeping it small and just having those intimate conversations, in our weekly groups. I found it incredibly beneficial, and I definitely along the way have thought of different people to recommend the course to."

Katrina Myburgh
CEO, Wines of Tasmania

"I’ve been pondering, thinking about what it is that I want to be able to bring to others. One of my focuses for next year, with OFA is really going to be thinking about how to build leadership in our volunteers. And I think there's so many insights that I've gained from this program that will help with that. I think, as well, implementing some of those principles around building a diverse team. And I just really liked what Jen (Guest Faculty) was saying about having the confidence in your ability to share the stage with others. I think that that's just such an empowering model of leadership and team building."

Frances Gamble
CEO, Out for Australia

Our Commitment

Both Susan and Ros are deeply committed to ensuring all women have an opportunity to advance. 

For every intake in the Emerge program, we will be gifting 2 scholarships to women who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend. 

Our thanks to our Emerge sponsors! Their support has given places to women in regional and rural areas, and in "for purpose" organisations.

Your Investment


Investment $2800 (GST inclusive). 


This is the last time Emerge will be available at this price point.  2023 programs will be priced at $4000.


Selected Professional Associations: $2500 (GST inclusive) - Ask us if your association is eligible.


Women of Substance - Emerge

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Emerge Program is for women who want to increase their influence and position themselves for career progression. Although we will be talking about Boards and Senior Management positions, the same strategies work for middle management as well.

Of course! You can contact Ros on 0417572770, or email [email protected] 

Susan is on 0418434226 and [email protected]

We would love to speak to you about your questions and options.

Yes, please talk to us about installments. You will need to have made the bulk of the payments before the program starts (and we do need to add a % to the total to cover our admin and payment processing costs).

All the modules are self-paced, so you can catch up on your return. The group coaching calls will be recorded for anyone who can't attend. We also have the 2 weeks of implementation (week 4 and week 8) for catch up time, so don't worry - you won't miss out. The Success Summit is the live event component, and you will need to be there for that.

The Emerge Program gives you the building blocks for success. However, we realise that some women will want to work at a deeper level, or want to be supported right through to landing that dream position. At the Success Summit we will be announcing the opportunities for next steps. 

Emerge is delivered virtually with the self-paced learning content available via your browser or an app. The group coaching calls and the 4x half-day Success Summit are delivered on Zoom. Travel is not required, and you can learn from your office or home.

Every intake of Emerge we offer fully funded and partially funded scholarships. These are hotly contested. To apply, email [email protected] with an outline of your professional experience, what you believe Emerge will give you, and whether you are applying for a fully funded or partially funded scholarship. For partial funding, please indicate how much you are able to contribute towards the program fee.  

You can find all our sponsorship options here. Or contact [email protected] or [email protected] 

About Ros

Rosalind Cardinal is the Managing Director of Shaping Change, a consultancy specialising in improving business outcomes by developing individuals, teams and organisations.

Ros is a globally awarded facilitator and leadership coach, with a career in the Human Resources and Organisational Development field spanning more than 20 years. Ros' expertise spans leadership development, organisational culture, team building, change and transition management, emotional intelligence, organisational behaviour, employee engagement, strategic direction and management.

Ros is accredited in over 20 psychometrics and diagnostic tools, covering leadership behaviour, organisational culture, emotional intelligence, competencies, and more.

Ros is a Certified Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute, a member of the Australian Institute of Training and Development a Professional Member of the Australian Association for Psychological Type, and a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She holds a Graduate Diploma in Human Resources and a Diploma of Neuroleadership and Neurocoaching.

In addition to Ros’ own blog, she is a regular contributing writer for Leaders in Heels, “Thrive”, and “People Development” Magazine.

Ros is a 2020 Telstra Business Women's Awards Finalist. Shaping Change was a finalist in the Australian Small Business Champions Awards every year since 2015, and Ros was a winner in the 2015 Australian Edupreneur Awards. In 2016, 2017, and again in 2018, Ros was awarded Leadership Coach of the Year – Australia by Corporate LiveWire in their Global Innovation and Excellence Awards. In 2016 Ros released her bestselling and award nominated book “The Resilient Employee: The essential guide to coping with change and thriving in today’s workplace”.

About Susan

With over 20 years’ experience as lawyer, CEO and company director Susan Fahey is an experienced leader, strategist, mentor and changemaker who has seen the good, the bad and the downright perplexing.

Having grown her former organisation from a small, little known organisation to one that is now highly respected and very influential, Susan understands the challenges of leading an organisation and people through a significant period of change and growth.

Susan is driven by her passion for helping people to build their confidence and find their voice. As a leader, coach and director Susan is adept at supporting both individuals and organisations to find and develop their own strengths and to achieve their goals.

Susan’s practices have their foundations in building relationships, collaboration and innovation in the delivery of outcomes.  She has a strong and demonstrated track record in the delivery of law reform, influence over policy and is a seasoned media performer.

A big picture thinker with an eye for detail, Susan spends as much time outside the box as she does in it. Practically minded and strategically driven, Susan is an innovative problem solver and is an influencer across government, the non-government sector and private sector.

Susan is a barrister and solicitor with over two decades experience with a Bachelor Arts (1995), a Bachelor of Laws (1998) and a Graduate Certificate of Legal Practice (1999) from the University of Tasmania.  She is also a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and is a Non-Executive Director of Metro Tasmania.

Her experiences in law, executive leadership and as a company director see her well placed to provide expert, practical and strategic insights and guidance across a diverse range of individual and organisational development.

Susan was awarded the Tasmanian Women Lawyers Biennial Achievement Award for outstanding contribution and achievement to the practice, development and education of law and social justice in 2014.

In 2015 Susan was named Tasmanian winner of the For Purpose and Social Enterprise category of the Telstra Business Women’s Award, and in 2016 Susan was named the Tasmanian State Winner of the Australian Award for Excellence in Women’s Leadership.

Guest Faculty

Our guest faculty will join us during the program for live Q&A and online sessions. Sessions are recorded and added to the content library.

Jennifer Wittwer CSM, FAHRI

International expert, author and speaker on gender and Women, Peace and Security. The first ADF gender adviser to NATO operations in Afghanistan. Currently contracted to UN Women Jordan for 2019-21 to build capacity for gender mainstreaming in the security sector.

Jacqui Allen

Deputy Secretary, Cultural and Tourism Industry Development at Department of State Growth. Jacqui’s responsibilities include Arts Tasmania, Events Tasmania, Screen Tasmania, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and Tourism and Hospitality Supply-Side support.


Sadhana Smiles

CEO at Real Estate Industry Partners and Founder of Links Fiji – a not for profit, focused on providing pap smears to women in remote islands. 

Janis McKenna MBA, GAICD

Founder and principal consultant of Elm Consulting Australia. Part owner of the Nyaho Medical Centre, the first private hospital in Accra Ghana.

Diane Tompson

Co-owner of Powercom Consultants Pty Ltd, Novaris Pty Ltd and Powercom Systems Pty Ltd. Founding director of Novaris Technologies Malaysia. Commissioner for the Pacific and Asian regions for FCEM, (Les Femmes Chiefs d'Entreprise Mondial). Board member of IWEC (The International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge). President of TIAW, (The International Alliance for Women).

Angela Wilson

Communications & Government Relations Manager at Menzies Institute for Medical Research. Founder of the women's group WoMo. Tasmanian Convenor of the Australian Republic Movement. 

Jude Munro

Non-Executive Director. She has been board chair of Australia’s fourth-largest water utility, a State Planning Authority, a director of a national aviation business, an airport, a state transit authority, a bus company, a development company, and a director of one of Australia’s largest not-for-profits with a $1.3B budget and chair of Australia’s first pride centre. 

Ann Nicholson

Professor and Interim Dean, Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University. She is a leading international researcher in the specialised area of Bayesian networks, now the dominant technology for probabilistic causal modelling in intelligent systems. 

Hon Ruth Forrest MLC

Elected Independent Member, Legislative Council of Tasmania, the first woman to represent the rural and remote electorate of Murchison.  Chair of a scrutiny committee she established in the Tasmanian Legislative Council to enhance timely scrutiny of Government administration and Government Businesses. Deputy President and Chair of Committees of the Legislative Council of Tasmania. Current board member of the Unconformity.


Kylie Dunn

Writer, facilitator, illustrator, author, and creator. In 2011, Kylie created and completed a project she called My Year of TED. This was a year of experimenting with the wisdom of TED Talks through 30 day activities. 

Catherine Viney

Disability Services Manager, Tasmania, Victoria & South Australia, Baptcare. Catherine is driven by a desire to contribute to a more equitable Australian society for all, particularly people with disability.  She sees her work at Batpcare, supporting the implementation of the NDIS as an opportunity to do this.  

Jess Tyler

Jess has worked with some of Australia’s leading innovators and research agencies such as the Australian Commission for the Future, the Australian Greenhouse Information Service, the Australian Antarctic Division, the National Oceans Office, the CSIRO, as well as leading industry associations. Most recently, she has entered the health promotion industry, where she builds local partnerships and works in national strategic project teams.

Sally Fahey

Global Black Belt - Modern Work Specialist, First Line Worker - Microsoft. Focused on extending workplace transformation to the first line - the heart and soul of an organisation.




Tahlea Aualiitia

Tahlea Aualiitia is a radio presenter, producer and reporter currently working on ABC Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat program. Before that she worked at ABC Sydney and ABC Hobart. She was recently awarded RESULTS Australia’s Media Leader award which means she can now be introduced as an “award winning journalist”.

Michelle O'Byrne

Michelle is Deputy Leader of The Tasmanian Labor Party. Michelle was first elected to the Federal Parliament in 1998 until 2004 and has been in the Tasmanian Parliament since 2006. 

A former National co-convener of Emily’s List, Michelle worked to increase the number of women in Parliament and delivered significant legislative reform for women.
Michelle is currently the Australian Chair of the Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians who work to increase women’s participation in political processes globally.

Emma Bennison

Emma Bennison is the CEO of Blind Citizens Australia, the national representative voice of Australians who are blind or vision-impaired.

A passionate advocate for the rights of people with disability to lead full and productive lives, Emma takes every opportunity to challenge the myths and misconceptions which too often hinder people with disability from reaching their full potential.

Prior to joining Blind Citizens Australia, Emma spent five years as CEO of Arts Access Australia, the peak national body for arts and disability. 

Amy Childs

Amy Childs is the Managing Director of Momentum Energy. 

Amy thrives on building challenger brands in highly competitive markets and in leading complex transformations to deliver outstanding customer experience and business performance with a focus on culture and employee wellbeing.

Cultural transformation has been at the heart of her leadership with the establishment of a new way of working, including enabling flexibility and driving collaboration with the fit out of an environmentally friendly activity-based workplace which recently won Gold at the Melbourne Design Awards.


Renee Anderson

Renee has over 20 years' experience as a human resources professional, working predominantly in the mining, energy and resources sectors. Renee held senior roles with Rio Tinto, Coffey International and Aurora Energy and has spent the last 4 years in the Tasmanian public sector in executive roles within the Department of Health and Department of Premier & Cabinet. Most recently Renee has been appointed as General Manager People, Culture & Community with TasNetworks.

Renee has strong international experience, having worked in the UK, Brazil, USA and China. 

Marina Buchanan-Grey

As a strategically focused leader, Marina leverages almost 30 years of experience in healthcare across both the UK and Australia. Marina has held various clinical and executive roles and is currently the Tasmanian Deputy Chief Nurse and Midwifery Officer.  With a primary clinical background in Emergency Nursing, and having worked in advanced practice roles, Marina holds a strong interest in advancing clinical practice, policy and a passion for building leadership capability and capacity.  Her personal values of integrity, collaboration, kindness and care are cornerstone to her drive and commitment throughout her professional career.

Meg Webb

MLC Independent Member for Nelson

Meg began working in community aged care. From that, she moved into a capacity-building roles with the opportunity to shift her focus to policy and research. She undertook a Graduate Diploma in Public Policy. 

Advocating for change, for social justice and for a better future for our state has never been just a job for Meg. In all her work she lived her values and her passion every day. A career in work that has purpose and makes a real difference has led Meg now to pursue public service as an elected representative for her community.

Kath Crawford

Kathleen is the Chief Operations Officer at Spirit Super, an industry fund that was created when MTAA Super and Tasplan merged on 1 April 2021.  

Kath has extensive experience in the financial services industry holding a number of senior management positions throughout her career with her experience ranging across operations, marketing, strategy, change and project management.

Katie Cooper

Katie Cooper is the CEO of Metro Tasmania and is a commercially focussed, operationally experienced and authentic business executive with an impressive track record of success in private and public sector services. 

Prior to joining Metro Tasmania, Katie held positions with Melbourne Airport, Stansted Airport, Northern Territory Airports and Air New Zealand.  Katie’s work experience has been enhanced by formal studies, including an MBA and other academic qualifications.  She has been recognised for her skills and knowledge with various business Awards. 

Are you in?

Are you ready to FINALLY have the influence, opportunities, and success that you know you were born for?

Your Investment

This is the last cohort of Emerge to be offered at this price point. From 2023 the program investment will be $4000.

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4 x Monthly Payments




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