The Sovereign Women® Salon

Designed for women leaders who want to be respected, empowered, and influential, and build the life and career they want.


It’s coming at you from every direction, from every angle, and from every person.

You always are the first to raise your hand for new projects and additional responsibility. But someone else always seems to get the credit for your wins.

You have so many ideas, plans, and thoughts about improving the system. If only your boss would listen, and your peers would stop talking over you.
You are constantly picking up the slack for others. In the meantime, you are at your desk while the boys are off bonding on the golf course. And you weren’t invited.

You didn't expect your career or your life to look like this, but is this all there is

Oh, how I understand you.

Does my story sound like yours?

I was the get-it-all done, high achiever. I worked like crazy to PROVE that I was WORTH something. I was a Senior Manager (who battled my way up the ladder in a male dominated industry), I was a senior graded martial artist, a kickboxing instructor, a wife and a mum. We had a hobby farm with 57 acres to look after.

My life was extremely full.

But still, deep down, I felt like I was less than I could be

Inside my head I railed against the “system” that was keeping me small, pushing me down, and frustrating me.

I was determined to beat it, to be NOTICED, damn it! 

I was driving myself into the ground trying to prove myself. My relationships, my family, and my health all suffered

I was labelled bossy, pushy, loud, cold, uncaring. Even though I appeared confident, I struggled with a lack of self belief and self worth.

Sound familiar?

  • You’ve taken every leadership course you can find. 
  • You’ve read all the books.
  • You’ve taken the personality assessments and analyzed the results.
  • You continue to work long hours and sacrifice time you could be spending on you and your family.

But that’s just more money spent, more hours at the office, more stress.

And nothing has changed. 


It’s just not working.

So why not?

If you are doing what all the experts tell you, shouldn't it work?

Consider this.

The traditional leadership training and solutions are all geared towards men.

Google leadership theories and look at the words that come up. Authoritative. Paternalistic. Transactional. Great Man Theory.

How on earth can any of these really apply to you? Men lead differently, so what works for them won’t work for you.

You are not the problem.

It's simply time to stop operating under a system that was built for men and start to lead using our true strengths as women. 

Here’s where traditional leadership theories and methods are failing you. No-one is teaching or showing you how to lead as a woman. 

That's not your fault. As women in leadership almost all our role models are men.

Look at the leaders above you. How many are men and how many are women? For many of you, the leaders above you are male. So we learn to lead like men.

I followed the same rules, took all the same courses and trainings that you did. And I had the same lack of results.

So what changed for me?

My diagnosis with breast cancer brought my world to a crashing halt.

As you do when you have a diagnosis of a life threatening illness, I took time out. Time to work through the treatment and the healing. Time to reflect, and think, and just be.

When I returned to work, I had a different view. Life is too short to keep doing something that clearly wasn’t working for me. 

I turned to all my leadership and management learning. I read, I studied, I got accredited in every tool, diagnostic, psychometric and methodology that I found interesting. It was only when I studied human instincts and tribal leadership that I finally figured out what had been bothering me about the modern leadership paradigm.

…THAT was life changing.

I quit my corporate job and started a consulting and coaching business. And it's taken off in a way I hardly imagined.

I did six figures in the first year, doubled that in year two, and my income has skyrocketed way past anything I was earning in corporate land. 

I've won multiple awards for leadership, for coaching, and for business. I wrote a bestselling, award nominated book, and I am featured as a thought leader in publications and blogs worldwide.

But the really good news is that I am doing all this with far less stress and without the constant nagging feeling of “I’m not good enough.”  

The best part of all? I am still achieving.

I didn’t have to give that up to find peace, but I am doing it in my own way.

Once I was finally able to let myself grow into my true and authentic feminine leadership and power, people started to give me new feedback. I have been told I have absolute presence, that I command the room, that I am the mentor who changed their lives.

I have taken everything I have learned about humans in leadership, and I created an archetypes system that guides women to grow into their true and natural leadership and power.

Aren't you ready to live a fully empowered life on your terms? Where you are respected, and your title and salary reflect that?

Where you don’t have to work harder than everyone else just to keep pace. 

Where you and your family are a priority.

And you no longer feel that draining guilt that you should be at work when you are at home and at home when you are at work.

I created the Sovereign Women ® Salon, just for you and women like you.


The Sovereign Women ® Salon is unlike any leadership course or program you've experienced. It's a unique combination of coaching, courses, and community that gives you the tools you need to navigate leadership and become truly yourself as a leader.

I have been in the corporate and government world and now my own business for over 30 years. I have been creating better workplaces, great leaders and inspired teams for many years now.

My mission is to fundamentally reinvent what it means to be a female leader.

I show women that they can have leadership and influence while being themselves. It truly is the art and science of female leadership. 

I truly believe with the Sovereign Women ® Salon, we can make real changes in the way powerful women like you ‘do’ leadership.

Why is that important to me? So that women leaders like you can live full empowered lives on your own terms.

You were trained to lead the very same way your male peers were trained. And let's face it, society lines up behind the male-dominated, boys' club way of leading. 

The truth is that women have a different brain chemistry than men. So women need to lead in a different way to be effective. Which is why we need to approach leadership as empowered female leaders rather than in the old school way of leading like men.

Just as you have learned to lead like a man, you can unlearn all of that and learn how to lead like a female. Yes, it requires a bit of undoing. You have had this programming since you were a little girl. But with the help of the Sovereign Women ® Salon, we can unwrite all of that past and create a new version of you, one that will achieve with grace and ease. 

You CAN become the kind of leader that you want to be. The Sovereign Women ® Salon and my women’s leader archetypes provide you with the road map to play to your natural feminine strengths.

I know that you’ve invested in courses and trainings with little or no results. So why the Sovereign Women® Salon?

The Sovereign Woman® Salon will have you owning your true feminine leadership and power and seeing transformational results in 6 weeks.

What would a pay rise or promotion be worth to you? $10,000, $20,000, or more? 

If the Sovereign Woman™ Salon takes you there, wouldn’t it be more than worth it?

Just like it was for my client, Nicole.

Nicole was sent to me by her organisation for coaching. She was young and untried in a senior role and had been recruited into a big job. The CEO wanted her to have support while she grew into the job.

With my coaching, training and tools, Nicole learned how to lead as an empowered woman, absolutely demonstrated her worth to the business, and negotiated a bigger role with a significant pay rise and more responsibility.

I know you are busy. That's part of the problem. You are busy focusing on the wrong things.

That's why you are frustrated, stuck, and overwhelmed. 

If you will commit to investing 30 minutes a day in yourself as a member of the Sovereign Women ® Salon, you will see results.

What you are doing right now is NOT working, so if you do not take action, nothing will change.
I tell all my clients that they need to invest 30 minutes a day in themselves. In learning how to be their best. So they can create the life and work they have dreamed of. 

Isn’t that what YOU want?

I'm changing the lives of real women and shaping women’s leadership internationally.

"The best part of the Sovereign Women Salon was reviewing how we / who we are related to archetypes as it helps challenge us (and gives opportunity) to consider different approaches. As I move forward I am feeling more confident, my sense of achievement is building."


"I particularly enjoyed the other perspectives. It challenged my thinking about me! The thing I wasn’t expecting from this work, but I am thrilled about is how great it is to have some insight into different behaviours and how to make changes. I learnt new things about myself. There was a good balance of learning and practical application. As I move forward I am positive about making some changes."


"The best part of the Salon was learning about the Archetypes and their shadows. I was thrilled about the openness of all at the Salon to share their stories, experiences and insights. I’m feeling energised to more deeply focus on myself and attaining and maintaining my Sovereign life. I’d also like to add that Ros openly shares her wisdom and insights on women’s leadership. "


The Sovereign Women ® Salon is a game changer because you'll have all the tools you need to become a successful female leader. You will learn to: 

  • Use your strengths as a woman to combat bias and reframe perceptions
  • Lead comfortably in a way that feels natural and authentic, not like you are wearing a suit cut for a man
  • Build the life and career you want - without the sacrifice

The Sovereign Woman® Salon includes

Module 1

Laying the groundwork for change. Understanding the 8 archetypes and how to activate them in your life to create your authentic leadership and power presence 


Module 2

Deep diving – unpacking the behaviours, thoughts and belief systems that underpin the archetypes 

Module 3

Exploring your shadows – this week we introduce the shadow assessment tool and take a personal journey into your own shadow world 

Module 4

Stories from the mountain-top – exploring the manifestation of the Empowered archetypes in your life

Module 5

Your Sovereign Life – designing the life you want. True to self, unapologetically owning your Sovereign power, living your first-class Sovereign life

Module 6

Staying the course – the tools and techniques to hold fast in your Sovereign power, to release the shadows and fully activate the Warrior, the Wise Woman and the Tribe Builder


Live weekly group coaching calls ($3,000 value)

I know from working with my clients 1:1 that it's always easier to make a change when you have the support and accountability of a coach. On this weekly live group coaching call, I show you how to use the powerful lessons in the Sovereign Woman™ Salon to effect change in your life


"I loved meeting my Sovereign self. She was very accomplished, confident, brave, healthy, financially abundant, and extremely successful. I now have a direct and clear plan to develop her. I gained a self-realisation of who I am when I am super busy (and how to find ways to be a fantastic leader without turning into the Tyrant). Moving forward I feel confident, excited and empowered. "



Unlimited access and ongoing support in my private Facebook Group ($10,000 value)

My private Facebook Group is a powerful resource that can keep you moving through day-to-day challenges. You can pop in any day, at any time, and ask the group and me about your specific situational challenges and how to call on the Archetypes to help you successfully move forward. 

"The best parts of the Sovereign Women Salon were meeting a fantastic and inspiring group of women, learning about the archetypes (particularly the shadows) and being part of a “first group”. The thing I wasn’t expecting from this work, but I am totally thrilled about is an action plan that I believe I can put into place. It was particularly impactful to write my sovereign story and be reminded of the powerfulness of journaling. "



Women’s Leader Archetypes Assessment & Blueprint ($150 value)

My Sovereign Woman® Leadership Archetype Assessment tells you which Archetype you most closely align with: the Sovereign, the Warrior, the Wise Woman, or the Tribe Builder.

Then, based on your results, I created your customised Archetype Empowerment Blueprint which introduces you to your Dominant, Secondary, Transitional, and Develop Archetypes as well as the Shadow Archetypes. The Blueprint helps you understand your Motivations, Signature Moves, and Natural Leadership Style so you can begin Accessing and Activating Your Highest Sources of Power.


"I am thrilled that I can relate this not just to my professional life, and I am positive that I can achieve the actions I have set for myself. It was a great group of Sovereigns!"



Balance and Self Care Course ($97 value)

If you aren't taking proper care of yourself, no amount of training, coaching, or strategy is going to effect lasting change for you. 
You need to put your own oxygen mask on first, then help those around you.
I've used the tools in my Balance and Self Care Course over and over again to help my 1:1 clients assess their personal priorities, move the energy zappers and toxic relationships out, and make the space you need to become a successful female leader.


Peak Performance Program ($97 value)

Are you seeing a huge gap between the things 
you want to accomplish and the things you actually do each day?
Do you spend more time managing "emergencies" and #middaymeltdowns 
than you do working towards your goals?
My Peak Performance Program gives you the simple, real-life strategies you need for success without the stress.
My clients use the approaches in this program over and over again to achieve more than they ever dreamed possible in the time they have available. And so can you.

Total Value of The Sovereign Women® Salon: $13,344

Today’s Price: $1997

For people who are concerned about guarantees, I just want to share with you that I guarantee if you do nothing, nothing will change. And that’s the comfy option. 

But I also guarantee that if you join the program and you take action, you do the homework and you are committed, then you will get results. You will become the leader you have always wanted to be. And you will start to lead the life you dream about and deserve.
I believe this so much that I offer a 30 day action based guarantee. This means that if you do the course, you do your homework, you take action and you somehow don’t get any results, I will give you your money back. The last thing I want is unhappy people in my programs. And I believe that anything that comes up can be solved by communication. So there is no risk to you at all. You simply need to take action, to commit to yourself and a better life for you and your family.

I want you to be successful. It’s my mission to create generations of female leaders - beginning with you - right now.

I will invest in every woman in my Sovereign Women® Salon if she will do the same for herself.

As such, spots are limited.

I need to restrict the group size so I can provide the level of support you will need on the weekly coaching calls and as you work through the program.


Make this change, this commitment to yourself to stop wasting time.

Stop sacrificing and making the wrong choices because of fear and overwhelm. 
Make this the year you take action, receive that promotion or pay rise, and spend time caring for yourself and your family without guilt.

"As I move forward I feel EMPOWERED TO BE MY SOVEREIGN TYPE. I believe this is very valuable and needs to be accessible to a diverse audience."


Total Value of The Sovereign Women® Salon: $13,344

What would a pay rise or promotion be worth to you? $10,000, $20,000, or more? If the Sovereign Women® Salon takes you there, wouldn’t it be more than worth it?












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