Are you always last on your list?

Everyone else gets your attention and focus. 
But, when it comes to taking care of you, you say…
  • I can't, I'm crazy busy
  • I don't have time for self indulgence
  • It's not a priority for me
  • I need to focus on my family and my career, not on massages and bubble baths
  • I feel guilty putting me first, its just not nice
  • Strong, confident, successful women don't need self care to get things done

So you keep trying to be Superwoman. And you keep ignoring all the warning signs.


You are tired all the time.
Your stress level is through the roof.
You are cranky for no particular reason.
And you are starting to make questionable decisions.


Until, finally, your body says, “ENOUGH!” 

You get sick, and you have no choice. You're forced to stop and take care of yourself.

But that emergency pause just makes things worse. 
You are even more uptight and stressed out while you are ill because of all the things you aren’t doing

So the minute you feel a tiny bit better, you jump right back in.

Nothing's changed.


You still are walking a tightrope. Just one small push will send your right over the edge again.

You believe your day is beyond full.

You believe you have no time for you.

You believe EVERY. SINGLE. THING. on your to-do list is more important than taking care of you.


But...what if you choose to prove yourself wrong?

That’s a big step. I know because I was forced to take it myself.


My diagnosis with breast cancer brought my world to a crashing halt.

So, as you do when you have a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness, I took time out. Time to work through the treatment and the healing. Time to reflect, and think, and just be.

What I learned during that period was life-shifting for me, and it’s so important that you hear and understand this message:

You have the power to make different choices based on real priorities instead of your endless to-do list.


Take off your badge of busy for a minute and think. What are your true priorities?

After the clarity call of my cancer diagnosis and recovery, for me the answer is simple.

Priority 1

Priority 2

Priority 3

Your health has to come first. Otherwise, nothing else is possible.


You already know that. Your body tells you loud and clear when you are forced to stop.

You have to come first.

So prove yourself wrong. If you will just take small steps every day to top off your tank, you won’t run out of fuel at the most inopportune moment.



I understand. Its hard to break old habits.

As little girls we were taught to put others first. "Don't be selfish. It's not nice".

As a result, you grow up into the role of caretaker - of everyone but yourself.


 On top of that, we are told over and over that we can have it all. So you push and you push, but you feel stretched beyond your limits. You feel like you can't keep up.

But it's not your fault! That’s why so many of my clients tripped up in the past. We learned the wrong lessons as girls. 

You can’t care for your family, do the work you are capable of doing, go further than you ever dreamed possible if you don’t prioritise yourself. 


That’s exactly why I created my Balance and Self Care course. 

I understand that shifting your focus from everyone else to you will feel awkward and uncomfortable at first.

A change this significant and impactful will take practice.

My Balance and Self Care course maps it all out for you so you won’t waste precious time creating a process or self care routine that doesn’t really help you.
Instead, my course helps you determine your true priorities and needs so your self care plan includes the actions and activities that make you stronger, healthier, and happier.
Your prescription for self care is as unique as you are. I won’t tell you to sign up for a yoga class when a good long walk with your dog or run around the park with your children is really what you need.
In my Balance and Self Care course, I guide you through assessing your true current state of self care. Are you barely skating by with the basics such as doctor appointments? Do you know how stress shows up in your life? What do your relationships look like? Those questions and more tell you where you need to begin

Breaking the habits of a lifetime isn’t easy, especially when you are conditioned to believe that self-sacrifice is a badge of honor, that ignoring your own needs is a sign of strength. 

I knew I had to make it easier for my clients, and for you, to start taking steps towards making self care a part of your routine every day in a way that is effective and gets results for you.



It’s time for you to stop equating rescuing everyone else with caring about everyone else.



If you make self care a daily priority, you will:

  • Feel and become stronger and healthier
  • Make better decisions at work and in life
  • Feel appreciated, and be better able to appreciate others
  • See your joy and passions re-emerge
  • Be more patient, attentive, and attuned

I created this course for my private coaching clients, and I have never shared it outside those confines.


However, because this course is so powerful, I wanted to make it available to women everywhere!

My Balance and Self Care course gives you reasonable, doable steps to creating your self care routine. Even better, I teach you how to carve out "you" time in your overscheduled day without feeling stressed out about it.


Here’s what’s included in Balance and Self Care

Module 1 - Assessing Your Current Balance and Self Care

In Module 1, you’ll assess how good you actually are to yourself day to day, what your life priorities really look like, and whether comfort and routine are holding you back.

Module 3 - Taking Action and Setting Boundaries

The best advice in the world won’t work if YOU don’t take action. In Module 3, I make it so very simple for you to do just that.

Module 2 - Your Specific Self Care Needs

In Module 2, you’ll learn which two areas of your life you must assess to create room for yourself and how to clear those areas out to actually free up time for you!



Module 4 - Wrap Up

In Module 4, you’ll learn why letting go is such an important part of self care and how you can begin to release the things that are not serving you.

Your health comes first, and self care is critical to keeping your batteries recharged. And don’t you want your children to learn what it looks like to respect yourself?

My clients pay thousands of dollars for 1:1 coaching with me. 

However, because I believe so strongly in the value of self care, I had to make this course available to many more women like you at a much lower cost.
This course is such an important tool to my clients that it's easily worth hundreds of dollars.
I want to give you the opportunity to start prioritising yourself today with my Balance and Self Care course for just $97!

Donna Parker

Executive & Project Manager, Elm Consulting Australia
"The course was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think the coverage of the topic is excellent. Going forward I am feeling more in control and positive about my choices in life and work. I love that there are downloadable documents that I can refer back to at any time to refresh."

Consider this...if all this course did was help you easily establish a new routine that allows you to spend guilt-free time doing the things you enjoy…. would it be worth $97? Or even more?


How incredible would it be if shifting the focus to you allows you to:

  • Feel and become stronger and healthier
  • Make better decisions at work and in life
  • Feel appreciated, and be better able to appreciate others
  • See your joy and passions re-emerge
  • Be more patient, attentive, and attuned 


I understand. You've invested before in programs that claim to make you more productive and effective at work and at home, but it's never quite worked for you.


My Balance and Self Care course is the tool you were missing to truly make change in your life.

You will start seeing the benefits right away both personally and professionally.


Frequently Asked Questions

I understand the busy.

I was a senior leader – in corporates and government.

I climbed the corporate ladder in a male dominated industry.

But nothing was ever enough, so I just kept working harder.

My health and family suffered. And I was miserable.


Don’t let an awful diagnosis or a mistake made purely through exhaustion force you to make a change. 


You have the power to make different choices right now based on real priorities instead of your endless to-do list.