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We get it. Your staff are too busy to take days off work to do training. As an HR Professional or Manager, you know the value in people development, but finding the time is the biggest challenge.

So how do you find training activities that are short, yet highly impactful?

Here at Shaping Change, we have done the work for you. Our "Lunch & Learn" style sessions bring topics that can be easily delivered via the Zoom platform.

Show me the topics!

Lots of topics to choose from and expert facilitators

Covering everything from developing a strategic plan, to achieving work-life balance, there are topics to suit your workplace. Our facilitators are experts in their fields, and bring a wealth of knowledge to the sessions.

Don't see a topic you want? Talk to us about our other off the shelf topics, or designing a bespoke session for you.

Delivered via Zoom

No travel time required, these sessions are delivered at your workplace, via zoom. The sessions can accommodate up to 20 participants. That's efficient use of everyone's time. 


NOTE: All prices are in Australian dollars and are GST Exclusive.

Fully interactive and highly practical

We've all sat through painfully boring training sessions.

Not a "chalk and talk" session, we have designed all the sessions using tried and tested learning engagement methodology. Your staff leave the session with valuable takeaways, tools and actions they can implement immediately.

"There were many positive comments from our session yesterday, and participants were really impressed with your depth of knowledge and style of presentation. I knew you would nail the brief and you absolutely pitched it to the perfect level. They all seemed to get a lot out of the day and I think we will be able to use this as a good step into future development."

Katherine Hough
Senior Executive Officer, Faculty of Health

"Your presentation on Leading Change was engaging, inspiring and made participants reflect on how they personally cope with change. Your presentation manner was professional, engaging, educational and covered a lot of ground. The information was easy to digest and built beautifully on their previous MBTI work. So thank you again for the generous donation of your time and expertise, and for helping make our community session a genuine success - it is the contribution that you, and people like you, make to this program that enables it to be the success that it is and we look forward to inviting you back again next year."

Angela Driver
General Manager - Tasmanian Leaders Inc.

"Thank you for another great workshop and all of the other amazing workshops this year, I can only speak for myself but I’m sure everyone else who has attended feels the same as we have had incredible feedback but I feel I have learned so much about myself and those around me through these workshops and will take these learnings with me throughout life. "

Exmouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Find out more about Lunch and Learn style training - the benefits, ideas for your Lunch and Learn, and how to organise one so your people get the most out of the session.

Political Intelligence

The rise in office politics is the single biggest concern for managers in the 21st century, a survey of management trends has shown.

A study spotting changes over the past decade has identified colleagues working against each other to progress their careers as the major source of stress in the workplace, compared to 10 years ago when workload was the number one worry for staff.

Political behaviour is all pervasive in organisational life. It is evident to the line worker when decisions are made, by whom and why, and to the executive in preparation for an Executive or Board meetings. It shows up informally at lunches or over coffee and formally, in how people behave together in decision making, delegation, engagement and the bread and butter of succession planning and performance management. Sometimes it elicits curiosity, sometimes cynicism.

Political intelligence is also one of the least well understood of human competencies. When you mention office politics to most people, they can immediately cite bountiful examples of negative, disruptive, manipulative and generally untrustworthy behaviour in peers, managers, and/or other staff. Yet, surprisingly, most of how we get things done in communities reflects political intelligence – how decisions are reached, levels of influence, allocation of resources, and the quality of complex relationships.

In this session, we will explore what Political Intelligence actually is, how to use it effectively, and how to develop it.

$750 (ex GST)
Human Instincts at Work

Working with people is easier when you understand the nine instincts that still drive human behaviour. With the Industrial Revolution only 250 years ago, we left our hunting, gathering and village societies to work in offices and factories. However, we did not leave behind the instincts of social interaction we inherited from our ancestors.

You can take the person out of the Stone Age, but you can’t take the Stone Age out of the person!

Time and time again in the workplace, we have tried to eliminate gossiping, rivalry between business units, politics and hierarchies, Evolutionary psychology says that it is time to recognise what we are and to use this information to live in harmony with our hardwiring.

In this sessionwe explore how the instincts of clan connections, hierarchy, gossip, politics, snap judgments, status displays and competition continue to drive modern workplace interactions just as they have driven human interaction for millennia.

We will explore how the 9 Hardwired Human Instincts work together to help and hinder us in the workplace and how we can leverage them to create success in work and in life. Ros will draw on her extensive leadership experience, and her accreditations both as an emotional intelligence coach and as a Hardwired Human Instincts facilitator to bring the instincts to life and relate them to practical experiences in business.

If you are keen to learn how to better influence, to create better relationships, more effective teamwork and structure your communication to be effective, this session is a must.

$750 (ex GST)

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