4 Ways to Help Employees through Change


Change is the six-letter word that makes most of us cringe. Ask anyone how they feel about change, and most people will tell you it’s not their favorite thing to experience in life. That’s because change can be incredibly difficult and more than a little stressful—especially when change occurs in the workplace.

Whether that change takes the form of new technology, company mergers, pay cuts, or layoffs, change is one of the fastest ways to lower employee morale if not managed properly. Even long-time, loyal team members can become burnt out, stressed, and mentally fatigued.

But change doesn’t have to knock your employees out for the count. Learn 4 strategies you can implement before, during, and after the next change episode in your workplace to ensure your team stays positive, optimistic, and both mentally and emotionally resilient. (4 mins 12s watch time).

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Are You Tired of Working Without Recognition?


Employees want it, managers know it’s important, and it usually doesn’t cost anything. When you look at it that way, you’d expect to be drowning in recognition at work.

Yet, a recent Gallup poll showed that lack of workplace appreciation is a major concern among employees.

It’s not that surprising when you think about the possible reasons. Some of your coworkers could feel too competitive to notice you. Your boss could think that keeping you on the payroll proves they’re satisfied with your performance, and any of your colleagues could be uncomfortable or unfamiliar with handing out praise.

If you want to feel valued, you may need to shake things up. Start with these suggestions for creating more recognition for yourself and your colleagues. (4mins 55 watch time).

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The Secret to Networking When You Get a New Job


It’s tempting to kick back when you land a new job. After all, you’ve probably been consumed with chasing down leads and going on interviews. Now, you want to catch up on fun stuff like hanging out with friends and watching Netflix.

However, you could be missing a great opportunity if you take a break now. A job transition is an ideal time to strengthen your network.

You’ll enjoy your rest and relaxation even more if you take care of business first. Run through this checklist of ideas for extending and deepening your professional relationships as you change employers. (3min 30s watch time).

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New Job? Making a Smooth Transition

leadership onboarding Aug 21, 2020

Congratulations on your new job! After a solid process, several interviews, meeting the CEO, and waiting for what seemed an age for the call, you have been offered and accepted a new role. It’s a great opportunity; a promotion, more responsibility, and a great fit for your skill set. The only things left to do are to celebrate with your family, give notice and get set for a stellar career with your new employer!

But before you pop the cork on that bottle of bubbles, there are some things to consider. Signing your contract is really only the beginning. (3 mins 39s watch time).

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Brain Hacks for More Happiness


Happiness is a habit. An inside job, so to speak. We can really maximize our opportunity to be happy by understanding what happens in our brains when we are happy and when we are unhappy, and what brings us the chemical high of being happy. Yes, you can hack your brain for more happiness! (4mins 59s watch time).

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5 Critical Keys to Becoming a Trusted Leader


“We can build our leadership upon fear, obligation, or trust. However, only a foundation of trust results in the collaboration and goodwill necessary to achieve our peak performance.” – Roger Allen 

These words are certainly true. Trust in leaders plays a central role in building high-performance organisations. Without trust, we follow unwillingly, struggle to commit, are demotivated, and less satisfied at work.

Whilst there are a number of elements to building trust in businesses, there are 5 distinct elements in your relationship with people that are key to building a trust-based management style: (2 mins 52s watch time).

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The 4 Incredible Benefits of Leadership Coaching


Thinking about leadership coaching?

Here are 4 incredible benefits.

If you've been considering leadership coaching recently, you're not alone. Every day, high-performance leaders wonder whether executive coaching is the next step in their leadership journey. (6 mins 42s watch time). 

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