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Transform your presentation skills, discover your full leadership potential, and stand out from your peers to discover your next big opportunity at work.

A powerful 7-day framework to dramatically improve your presentation skills

YES! I want to Become a Powerful Presenter!

Are you tired of the cliché presentation advice?

You’ve heard it all: “make eye contact”, “start strong”, “keep it simple”.


But, at the end of the day, presenting is not that simple -- and often, employers don’t support or train for this skill. Becoming a confident presenter isn’t something you’re born with. It’s a skill that’s learned and you can master it in just 7 days! At Shaping Change, we’ve established a powerful 7-day framework for brilliant presentations every time. Present Like a Pro will transform more than your presentation skills, it will bring your talent, visibility, and influence forward.

Even if you’re not presenting formally at the workplace, this course guarantees that you will gain that critical edge when it comes to your next speaking opportunity, pay raise, or promotion.


Present Like a Pro is available for only $27 AUD! We’ve priced this course specifically to be accessible to all who want to improve their own skills at work -- so don’t miss out.


YES! I want to Become a Powerful Presenter!


Presentations are challenging whether they’re formal or not. Even the idea of speaking one-on-one with a manager can leave you tongue-tied. It’s not that you don’t have things to say. You have great insights… but you don’t know how to tailor your message to your audience.

It feels like, time and time again, your presentations are falling flat.

Let’s fix those frustrations, together!


The Present Like a Pro framework is designed to transform your skills end-to-end. Discover how to engage every type of crowd... How to best deal with a challenging audience member... And how to build a powerful presentation… plus a ton more.

The choice to join Present Like a Pro means finding the confidence to pursue your next career steps. Whether it’s a pay raise, promotion, interview, high-level client, or a total career change… this course will transform your ability to take meaningful action in your career and beyond!

Present Like a Pro is perfectly designed for you if you’re nervous to speak in front of a crowd, if you feel like you can’t get your message across to your audience, or if your presentations are lacking a spark.

While any of these presentation issues may SEEM like the problem -- the great news is that these are all just symptoms of lacking a powerful presentation style. Present Like a Pro is your tailored method to unlock your ability to present powerfully, charismatically, and uniquely to every audience, every time!

This course is built for you if:

  • You feel like your presentations consistently fall flat
  • Your audience seems disengaged or disinterested during your presentations
  • You aren’t being asked to lead that BIG project on behalf of your work team
  • Your opportunities at work are tied to being visible but you’re overlooked when it comes to doing presentations
  • You know your presentations could be jaw dropping, but you’re not sure how to get them there 
  • You want to be able to confidently have conversations about pay raises and promotions
  • Your employer doesn’t support trainings focused on presentations and public speaking
  • You want to speak from the heart and truly connect with others in the workplace
  • You’re ready to discover better career opportunities with less stress


For $27 AUD, here is what’s included in Present Like a Pro


A 7-day video course that’s focused on taking your presentations to the next level.

  • Master the 4 unique ways that people learn so that you can speak to every attendee in the room, every time.

  • Build a presentation to dazzle your crowd and leave them remembering your message

  • Learn how to manage difficult audience members to confidently resolve any high-tension situations

  • Plug into a community of powerful presenters for long-term accountability and support!


A 36-page Present Like a Pro Learning Guide, with additional material beyond the video courses. This guidebook ALONE is worth your cost of entry. Filled with information about the 4 unique ways that your audience will receive your message, you’ll refer to it time and time again as you construct your powerful presentations!


Access to the Present Like a Pro Facebook community where you’ll have a direct line of support from Rosalind Cardinal during the course. Remain a part of the Facebook community after you’ve completed your course for continued learning and support.

Rosalind Cardinal has spent over 20 years perfecting her presentation skills. She’s spoken to thousands of audience members, and has curated the Present Like a Pro framework as a method to repeat her successes. Ros’s public courses like Present Like a Pro cost upwards of $550!

Instead of spending hours practicing and hundreds of dollars learning how to present powerfully, Ros has specifically designed Present Like a Pro at an affordable price point to support corporate leaders. At $27 AUD, there’s no excuses about investing in your future and taking the next step to discover your full career potential.



With the proven Present Like a Pro framework and accompanying materials, you’ll have the tools to target the 4 unique ways that people will hear and interact with your message.

 Identify the 4 types of audience members that you’ll encounter in your presentations. Gain a distinct ability to speak clearly to each member of your presentation audience.

Learn what each type loves and loathes when it comes to presentation styles. Not only will you speak to each learning type, the unique way that you deliver your presentation guarantees that your message will resonate with every person in the room. 

Create a presentation that will keep each unique learning type involved and engaged from beginning to end. Leave your presentation members dazzled by your talent, skill, and message!

Here’s what your life will look like after Present Like a Pro:

Most obviously? No more presentation or speaking jitters so that you can feel confident every time!.

An in-depth understanding of how to engage every audience member in the room so that your presentation becomes the talk of the office.

New and exciting presentation, promotion, and high-visibility opportunities in your workplace.

Confidence to pursue your next steps - whether it’s a pay raise, interview, high-level client, or a total career change. This course will transform your ability to take meaningful action at work!

Increased influence so that you can excel as a leader, manager, or member of your current work team.

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Purchase Present Like a Pro (risk-free guaranteed!)
  • Step 2: Gain instant access to your learning portal (even if it’s 2AM).
  • Step 3: Dive into the course material and start upgrading your presentation game immediately.
  • Step 4: Connect with the Present Like a Pro Facebook community and get direct access to Ros for support during your Present like a Pro learning experience.
  • Step 5: Discover your next level presentation style and transform your leadership ability. Use your new skills to build out the space in your life for new management, earning, and career opportunities.
Yes! I want to Become a Powerful Presenter For Only $27 AUD!


My name is Rosalind Cardinal. I’m an Executive and Leadership Coach who has been presenting and speaking to audiences of all types for over 20 years.

I realised early on that the conventional presentation advice out there for leaders and aspiring managers isn’t all that helpful. Like me, you’ve probably heard it all:

  • Speak from the heart ​
  • Use notes
  • Don’t use notes - use slides
  • And finally, “Picture your audience naked!”

I’ll be the first to admit, not a single piece of this advice worked for me. I knew that there had to be a better way to harness the power of the presentation. My greatest discovery as a professional speaker was the 4Mat method. The 4Mat method gave me a model to create dynamic and engaging presentations that resonated with every member of my audience. I found that when I was consciously using the 4Mat method, my presentations had a newfound spark and left my audience excited by my message every time. In fact, I was so sold on the 4Mat method that I became accredited to teach it to others in 2008!

Since then, I’ve had thousands of speaking gigs and the 4Mat method has been an integral part of my success. Through research, analysis, and testing… I’ve developed the Present Like a Pro framework that integrates the 4Mat method (and all of my tips and tricks when it comes to putting the method into practice).

The Present Like a Pro framework is the answer for corporate leaders who want to discover the next level in their career.

Here is how your 7-day course is structured:

The Critical Framework for Brilliant Presentations

Day 1 is your introduction to the Present Like a Pro framework and why understanding “how we learn” is the key to brilliant presentations.

Engaging Your Audience Through Why

On Day 2, you bring the “why” into your presentation to best engage your audience with your message.

Engaging Your Audience Through What

Day 3 is all about understanding the “what” portion of your presentation for the best impact with your attendees.

Engaging Your Audience Through How

“How” is our focus on Day 4 to establish real-world usability from you, your message, and your presentation.

Engaging Your Audience Through If

Dynamic Learners step into the spotlight on Day 5, and the spotlight is exactly where they like to be. Take advantage of that and their other characteristics in the “If” section of your presentation.

The 8 Easy Steps for Creating Your Presentation

Unveil an easy-to-use template that brings the framework to life in 8 steps. Print the template off and follow it every time you are creating a speech, presentation or training session, to dazzle your audience. 

Managing Difficult Audiences With Ease

Even with the most powerful of presentations, sometimes there is a difficult person in your audience. Here are some insider secrets for managing these people with ease, without embarrassing them or disrupting your flow. ALL 7 days of course content valued at: $500

Present Like a Pro Facebook Community

The Present Like a Pro Facebook community is your coaching and accountability piece when it comes to this 7-day course. Ros Cardinal and her team will be available via the Facebook community to answer questions as you learn. We welcome you to connect with others in the group, find an accountability partner, and share your experiences with presentations as you go! Direct Q&A line to Ros Cardinal valued at: $250+

Present Like a Pro Comprehensive Learning Guide

Download your full Present Like a Pro Comprehensive Learning Guide before you begin. It’s more than just a workbook though, this 36-page Learning Guide is full of hints and tips that will have you referring to it again and again as you develop your skills and become a powerful presenter! Comprehensive learning guide valued at: $49.99

Total value? $800+ for training and materials like this designed by Ros...

BUT you can receive all of this content (risk-free guaranteed) for $27 AUD!

Yes! I want to become a powerful presenter!

Here’s what people are saying about the challenge:

Jay Chipman

“I have learned a lot this week. I hadn’t really considered how different people would interpret or interact with a speech that I present. Thank-you Rosalind  Cardinal & Present Like a Pro!”


Robin Carberry

“So many great tips in the Present Like a Pro course! A difficult audience member can affect the whole room if not handled gracefully.”

Helen Cordell

“Present Like a Pro has given me so much more awareness of each learning type and how they can fit together for a more useful and successful presentation!”


We’re certain that you’ll love Present Like A Pro, but if not -- no worries.

We offer an iron-clad Money Back Guarantee that makes this a 100% risk-free investment.

If, within 5 days of enrolling, you decide that Present Like a Pro isn’t for you, just let our team know and you will receive a 100% refund of your fee – no questions asked and no hard feelings.

That’s how confident the Shaping Change team is in the quality of this program! The Present Like a Pro team wants you to feel great about making this investment in yourself and your future.

Please note: You will be removed from the learning portal and the Facebook community if you feel this program isn’t the right fit for you.

Are You Ready To Become a Powerful Presenter? Stop listening to clichéd advice that doesn’t work, and start presenting with power!


For $27 AUD, I’m ready to level up as a leader

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